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  • Denny’s Dam Fishcam

    Watch live as steelhead rainbow trout, brown trout and salmon swim through the Denny's Dam fishway underwater webcam on the Saugeen River. Use the buttons below to see high resolution colour and IR camera with visible LED array, water temperatures, fish counts and fish ID analysis.

    Many thanks Biotactic Research and Lake Huron Fishing Club for providing the live feed to the public.

Steelhead Trout Fishing on the Saugeen River For Future Generations

The Ontario Steelheaders, in its fourth decade, is a not-for-profit organization of dedicated volunteers with the following objectives primarily focused on the Saugeen River but also work to protect and stabilize other neighbouring Ontario watersheds:

  • To improve access and habitat for migratory rainbow trout.
  • To provide young rainbow trout with suitable nursery habitat.
  • To provide relevant and appropriate input to government, agencies and other organizations consistent with our mandate.
  • To educate members and the public on relevant issues, conservation practises and proper angling techniques.

We have seen many changes in our fisheries over the past thirty plus years and there will be many more in the future. The Ontario Steelheaders, in partnership with local organizations, government bodies, and agencies can positively affect the fishery resource. We highlight the concerns of some of North America's foremost scientists, with respect to Great Lakes biological pollution on our News blog. The Ontario Steelheaders spearheaded the drive on the Saugeen River to construct the Walkerton Fishway to assist migratory rainbow trout reach more productive spawning areas.

Thousands of adult rainbow trout have been trapped and manually transported in our trailers, "The Steelhead Express," beyond barriers to naturally reproduce. This volunteer work allows the steelhead to spawn successfully in our rehabilitated streams. 60,000 to 90,000 rainbow trout yearling are stocked each year through an egg incubation program. The Saugeen River's run of steelhead trout has increased from a low of 700 to an estimated 50,000 as a result of the Ontario Steelheaders' volunteer effort in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Owen Sound, Ontario.

The Ontario Steelheaders have rehabilitated several streams, within the province of Ontario, to create new spawning and nursery habitat and improve stream conditions. This ongoing work improves water quality and the quantity of fish.

The Ontario Steelheaders have also earned a very credible reputation with Government bodies and agencies as a result of our stream improvement commitment and also from our rational contribution to policy and planning issues.

We welcome you get involved with the Saugeen River or become a member today..

Make sure you read the Currents Winter 2007 magazine from Trout Unlimited Canada. The article on Saugeen River is of particular interest!

Here is a Method that is Helping Boat Owners Get Quality Insurance

The number of people investing on boats has grown through the years, in fact that has lead many booking appointments with boat insurance Ontario as a means to guarantee that these pricey investments are in good hands and will have enough coverage especially in those times you least expect that something accidentally happens or an emergency situation occurs.

Like other policies, it is very important that watercraft owners realize the essence of gaining a high quality insurance plan so that in the long run it will not be that much of trouble to get claims and other benefits. Consider some of these manageable and easy to follow tips below that will help guide you when you are looking into finding the best policy for your boats.

List of Expectations

As a boat owner you surely have your particular set of ideals and expectations when it comes to the possible coverage that a provider should be offering for your investment and being that these are quite a priced possession, it is about right for you to plan out just about every detail that you expect to receive. Have this at hand and make this your essential list of items that have to closely match with what a provider will be presenting you with as you go in for an initial consultation.

Specific Services

Since there are a lot of boats, you may want to consult with a provider that specializes with particular kinds of units, as some may deal more with giving assistance to owners of boats and yachts while some only provide benefits for personal watercrafts like scooters or jet skis, so you should consider consulting with a provider that deals with what you own. Deciding on this will make it much easier for you to ask for the necessary advice in terms of the kind of assistance that could be extended to you by a potential provider, so take note of this beforehand to make your task much easier.

Client Satisfaction

You can also see actual comparisons of different insurance providers through the eyes of their own clientele, other watercraft owners who have either been able to receive the aid that they needed or those who are dissatisfied and have their own complaints about an insurance provider. What is great about scouting for other clients like yourself is that you have a better idea of exactly how a provider deals with their clients without even having to go through the excruciating experience of dissatisfaction and at the same time you have a better idea which providers are known to deliver as expected.

Provided Benefits and Assistance

As most expect, one of the initial ways a provider will be able to assist you in your time of need is through aided finances but aside from monetary payback, there are some providers who can also give you additional benefits, of course as you have asked or instructed. Based on your list of expectations, you could include the possibility of medical assistance or even legal aid when necessary, this way your provider will give you the kind of insurance as you had specified early on.


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